Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Christmas Picture

I don't often get my picture taken, but we decided that we would take some on Christmas Eve after mass. This is my favorite of the ones with the kids. The tree in the back ground, and Christmas music playing. After this we read some Christmas books, among them my favorite, T'was the night before Christmas. We then put little baby Jesus in the manger under the tree. And Finally put out the milk and cookies for Santa, then it was time for bed. This is where the wait begins for us parents, ours; about two hours long! LOL! Who do you think was up at the crack of dawn? ME!!!! It really was a great Christmas this year, not too fast paced, with enough family and tradition surrounding us. I hope everyone's was as good as mine!


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Star Book.

So I've been neglecting my blog. Christmas, 3 kids, full time job, and my only living grandmother in the hospital, with only days left... I did however want to post this because I really Love it and it's so much fun to make. time consuming but fun, and the results are beautiful. Pictures really don't do them justice, you have to see to appreciate them.
open a little
open all the way
page 1 & 2
3 & 4
5 & 6
7 & 8
9 & 10
11 & 12
13 & 14

You'll need:
12 sheets card stock
4 sheets each of 3 different colours
2 pieces of chipboard cut to 6 1/4 x 6 1/4 each
2 sheets patterned paper 8x8
embroidery thread

Cutting instructions:
colour 1: 7 pieces of 6x12, folded to 6x6- this is layer 1.
colour 2: 7 pieces of 6x10 1/2, folded to 6x5 1/4- this is layer 2.
7 pieces of 6x1/2, folded to 6x3/4- this is the spine.
colour 3: 7 pieces of 6x9 1/2, folded to 6x4 3/4- this is layer 3.

1. Center and glue the BACK SIDE of the patterned paper to the front of the chipboard pieces. Next, fold over the extra paper and glue to the BACK SIDE of the chipboard.
2. Apply adhesive to each inner edge of the spine strips.
3. Attach the BACK SIDE of layer 1 to the glue side of the spine, matching the center crease. Do this for all 7 pages.
4. Using a paper piercer or awl, make holes down the centre of the crease (through the spine and layer 1) at 1 1/4, 2 1/4, 4 and 5.
5. Sew the 7 pages together using the following method: start by numbering all the holes on all of the 7 sheets. EG. Page 1 is- 1, 2, 3, 4. Page 2 is- 5, 6, 7, 8. and so on. * remember that the holes must be lined up as you add each page to sew them together.
start on sheet #1: In 1, out 2, in 3, out 4; Over and in 5, out 6, in7, out 8, over and in 1, out 2, over and in 7, out 8; over and in 9, out 10, in 11, out 12, over and in 5, out 6, over and in 11, out 12; over and in 13, out 14, in 15, out 16, over and in 9, out 10, over and in 15, out 16; over and in 17, out 18, in 19, out 20, over and in 13, out 14, over and in 19, out 20; over and in 21, out 22, in 23, out 24, over and in 17, out 18, over and in 23, out 24; over and in 25, out 26, in 27, out 28, over and in 21, out 22, over and in 27, out 28; and tie off floss.
6. Adhere the BACK SIDES of layer 1 pages together as in a book. The first and last pages will be attached to the cover in the next step.
7. Attach ribbon to the BACK SIDE of the front and back covers. Adhere the front and back covers to the first and last pages of the book. Close the book and place it under something heavy to keep it flat while you complete the next steps.
8. Decorate layer 3 pages, and adhere your photos and embellishments.
9. Apply a strip of adhesive to the 6 inch outer edges of the BACK SIDES of layers 2 & 3.
10. You can now attach layer 2 to the book pages. Match the glued edges to the book edges.
**TIP** Remember that the creases will not line up.
11. Attach layer 3 pages to the book as you did in the previous step.