Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Little Man Graduate's.

Yesterday was a big day in our house. My son, our first born, graduated from elementary school. In September he will be off to Junior high. I was an emotional mess of course. I'm so very proud of him and all that he has accomplished and I'm a bit scared about entering this new but very exciting phase of his life. The ceremony was great. They all came in 2 by 2, (one for the immersion class, one for the extended class) and placed lanterns that they had made the week before in the middle of the isle as they headed to the front to take their seats. Children of the Light was the theme. After this the Principal spoke, they did the Para-liturgy, and the Awards presentations. There were 12 award categories, and Drake took the Visual Arts Award. What a moment for him. (o.k. for me too), he really did deserve it, he is very talented and modest about it. His teacher said to him,"Drake, make sure that you show your work to many people, don't hide your talent, it is going to bring you to great places... Wow, what a wonderful thing for her to say to him. I was trying not to sob.
After this they had the Diploma presentations, the Teacher's farewell speech, Valedictorians ( to cute for words), Dedication, and slide show. It was wonderful. I am so very proud of him, he is a smart, caring, kind, sensitive, helpful, creative, talented, inquisitive, and funny child. We were truly blessed the day he was given to us.

first thing in the morning of the big day.

Drake and his Teacher. Did I mention she is a week over due with baby 3? Ya she looks great eh.

Drake and Cassidy with their French Teacher.

Our family after the reception.

And for all the crafty ones reading here is the card I made for him, I used a pattern from wishes. All products CTMH.
Thanks for reading and looking. Friends are coming over this afternoon for dinner so we will have a FULL house this evening. Have a wonderful weekend.


Jamie Harder said...

Awww your kids are soooo cute!!! Congrats to your little graduate:-) Love your card too!! Super cute!

JennP said...

such wonderful pics! (and wow, it's great the teacher was able to tough it out!! i would have 300 babies if i looked like THAT one week overdue! LOL)
congrats to your son! he looks adorable! i hope you are ready for the challenge of Junior high!

brn2scrp said...

Congratulations on this big event!!! You have a beautiful family, btw.