Monday, February 1, 2010

15 Minute Scrapbooker?

It seems to be that I have somehow managed to morph into a 15 minute scrapbooking machine over the weekend. I've avoided scrappin'(except for my monthly scrap day)since I started my new job. It just seems that by the time I go through photos, choose papers and embellies that somehow over an hour of time has elapsed. Then I still need to put it all together... So after a nice 3 day break from work I decided that some scrap time was exactly what I needed. Before I started I knew I wanted to keep it simple. To "bang out" as many pages as I could in just a couple of hours. The result? 4 REALLY simple 1 page layouts. All of these pages took no more than 15-20 minutes to complete.

Snow Day

Working Girls

These 2 Melt My Heart

That Look

just incase you wanted to see it

This last page I made a couple of months ago. It took about the same amount of time so I thought I would include it too.

Moment In Time

Have a great day!


Jamie Harder said...

Wow!!! You are fast!!! Good for you:-) You pages are all so fun and fabulous!!!

Jen said...

Those two plus your three melt my heart as well :)

Great layouts...i wish I was a fast scrapper.

brn2scrp said...

These are all great - bonus that they did not take you too long! You must have had a great feeling of accomplishment after that hour. It's so hard to find time to scrap ... I'm either too tired, or just don't have enough time to make progress. It helps that I have a dedicated space where I can leave stuff out, that way 10 minutes here and there eventually turns into a page, lol!

Elizabeth said...

Cute,wish I could do the work that your sisster & you do.Great layout & colors.XO