Monday, November 1, 2010

Hallowe'en 2010.

This was probably one of the best Halloween's on record. Despite the snow still lingering on the ground and the chily temperatures, the kids had a blast running from door to door. They said trick-or-treat and thank-you at EVERY DOOR(because in my house you have to ;O)happily, they made small talk and jokes with the elderly, and at times were asked as many as THREE times if this was the kind of chips they liked. (Q lol) We were out for about a hour and a half the first round and another forty-five minutes on round two with Cassidy and her friend. You can always depend on C to keep it going. At home we ran completly out of candy. That was a first. It makes me a little sad to see one of my most favorite holidays come and go. The years are limited I know. Here is a picture of my little Nerd, Scream ghoul, and Pirate.


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