Sunday, May 1, 2011

Scraping by Candlelight.

What do you get when you combine a wicked windstorm with a weekend away with the girls at a remote cottage on the lake? You get scrapping by candlelight till the wee hours of the morning. It all started on Thursday afternoon. We were hit with a windstorm that did quite a bit of damage to the city. Completly up-rooted 30+ year old trees, shingles literly being blown off roofs, traffic lights out all over the city, fences knocked to the ground, the stop arm for the railway tracks split in half, and power outages in thousands of homes in the affected areas. I know nothing like the tornadoes that ripped through the southern states last week or the Tsunami and earthquakes that hit Japan in March, but it was still a little crazy here. On Friday morning the girls headed out of town for a little R&R and a weekend of scrapping, after an uneventful drive we arrived at the narrow little heavily wooded road that would lead us up to the cottage. As we drove along we noticed a huge tree fallen across the power lines. I imediatly thought uh oh no power. Our thoughts were right. We had no power, lights, or running water it is well water and was quickly depleted. Our saving grace was the Father of the owner was next door and had a generator so we could get water and we had a wood stove and a gas range and BBQ. We made the most of it getting set up to scrap right away and getting candles and a fire ready for when it got dark. We scrapped for hours by candle light, listening to tunes off a laptop. After about 30 hours of being there I was woken from my little catnap on the couch by 4 crazy screaming ladies. The Hydro men had showed up and within a 1/2 hour we had power and hot water! It was a weekend I won't soon forget completing 7 layouts and a mini album which I will share over the coming posts. First up Project 12.

here is my take:




It's once again late but it's done so I am happy. Feeding the wild chicadees on the hiking trail.

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Jen said...

so cute. That was such a fun day!