Thursday, August 28, 2014

Summer book list

This summer flew by and I didn't get through my stock piled summer reading list. Nor did I update my blog as promised. Between my unexpected surgery that had me in and out of the hospital for two weeks, recovery time that made me nauseous and weak and sleepy all the time. Vacation with the family, and going back to work and taking on a new position. Here's What I did get through.

The Fault in Our Stars : John Green.
I enjoyed this book so much it was touching and moving and I cried a few times, then promptly saw the movie.

Left Neglected: lisa Genova. She is one of my very favorite authors. This book was so amazingly written she always seems to capture the characters so perfectly that you really can feel what they go through. Again a tear jerker.

The Storyteller: Jodi Picoult. Oh my, where to begin. I was not expecting that. A beautifully written and emotional story about the Holocaust.

Shadow Spell: Nora Roberts. Book two in The cousins O'Dwyer Trilogy. An easy romantic read.

That's about all I got through this summer. The rest of my stack awaits me:)

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