Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Day of School 2014.

They're back at it today!
This guy enters his last year of high school! Eeeeekkkkk!!! Isn't he handsome? :D What an exciting time for him. He is also part of the 1st original graduating class, meaning the school opened the year he started grade 7.

This little lady starts grade 10! She has blossomed into such a loving beautiful young lady. She's so helpful and caring. I'm excited for her to take on some new challenges this year and really spread her wings. I really can see and imagine where she will fit best in the future.

And my little man enters into grade 4! This year he didn't stand beside me as we waited for the class lists to be posted. He went straight to his friends. He didn't look back as they went in the school and he didn't say bye. My momma heart broke a little and at the same time filled with pride at how confident he has become. Ugh it's a fine line we walk as mom's.

So here's to a wonderful joy filled new school year. xo

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