Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Quick Christmas Photo Shoot.

Not much time was spent behind the camera this year. I guess I was just to busy enjoying the festivities with my family. I hope yours was as special and memorable as mine was. A few things that come to mind are.

Christmas Eve mass. It always makes me happy and sappy at the same time. Being told how good little Q was during the mass.

Leaving the reindeer food outside after mass. Something that has become a tradition for us.

Falling asleep on the couch while waiting for the kiddlets to fall asleep and waking two hours later to realize we had many gifts to still wrap and spending the time with my hubby wrapping and placing everything under the tree.

The excitement Christmas morning before going downstairs.

The time it took to open our stockings and gifts one by one and the happiness shared.

The look on each of the kids faces/the sound they made when they received something they really wanted. D's sweet smile and quiet appreciation. C's shrieking silly smile. Q's laughing rough "Ha I wanted that!"

My hubby's new hairdo.

My family arriving.

Our 5 minute photo shoot.





Spending time enjoying each other. Nothings better than having my family, my mom, and sister's family all together.

Dinner. and the attack of the pickle stealer.

My sister telling me that it was the best Christmas ever and that I'm the best sister she could ever have.

I'm pretty sure that I was blessed with the best family ever.


Jen said... cute are those kids..........All of them but D kills me in that last one...All the girls are going to be after him.

JennP said...

Happy new year to you & your family! such wonderful pics, wonderful memories!! you can feel the love in those pictures!!

Elizabeth said...

I must look at the blogs more often.Cute love those photos.xo