Sunday, December 13, 2009

Special moments that made me smile today as I turned another year older.

I was touched beyond word when my daughter presented me with a handmade gift this morning. A charm necklace that she told me she would add a new charm to every year on my birthday.


My husband leaping out of bed at the crack of dawn to let the puppy out so I could finally sleep in even though we attended his Christmas staff party last night and he was just as sleepy ummmmmm heavy headed as I was.


The kids playing nicely together in Drake's room building a fort in his bunk beds and hiding when they heard me get up so they could all jump out and scream Happy Birthday Mom/Mommy!

My mom working hard with the kids last night making handmade ornament gifts. While we enjoyed a night out.


The big smile I always get from my littlest nephew when he see's me.

The tiara my sister wore during dinner, gift giving, and cake, and the comments it evoked. lol.


The cake my mom made me. and the preview I got. heeeeeeee.

My sister's newest post. The fact that she has a personal label just for me.

My husband's new FB profile picture.


My nephew calling me Samantha instead of Auntie Sammy. Super cute.

The surprise goodies I received from a bloggy friend even though I know she had no idea it was my birthday.


All the wishes I received on FB.

All the great food that was made for us to share and having nothing to do with the prep or clean-up. I. Am. Stuffed.

All the lovely handmade cards I received.

The way my mom always tries to conceal her gift so it's not what you expected, or to make you think your not getting what you wanted.

Knowing that I am getting better/wiser with age and not being scared of turning another year older.

Having those I love the most surround me on my birthday.


JennP said...

aw! Happy Birthday Samantha!! I had no clue! :) but i am so happy you enjoyed the treats :) sounds like you had a perfect day !!

Jen said...

I have these huge croc tears pouring down my face. I'm so happy you enjoyed your day, so glad my kids make you smile, so glad you like your "labeled" post, so glad you enjoyed me wearing someones tiara....whose it that thing anyways?
love ya!

Elizabeth said...

I'm glad you had a good day.Wouldn't have it any other you.xo