Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Saying Goodbye.

It wasn't a good day, it wasn't an easy day. That day in August when my only daughter had to say goodbye to her best friend. It was hard to watch. That pain, the tears, the fierce hugs, the quiet strength, the hope. It broke my heart. It breaks a little harder every time I read her doddling that say's I miss Nat, or Nat + Cass = BFF.

Their story began a couple of years back when the little brunette moved back to Canada from her Dad's posting in Germany. They became fast friends, spending afternoon's after school and weekend's together. Then I dropped the bomb that we were moving and Cassidy would have to change schools as we would no longer be in that school district. After we moved they saw eachother almost every weekend. Here or there, they never cared. At the end of the school year last June Cassidy came home from their house and announced that they were now moving. Across the country. They would be separated by over 3000 miles. So we made the most of what we had of the summer, taking Nat on trips to the beach with us and having extended sleepover's. Cassidy went to farewell party's and waterpark's with them. That dreadful day crept up on us. Their final farewell lasted over two hours and the girls were not the only one's who cried.
Nat is a special kid and I will always hold a special place in my heart for her. I made her a mini album of all the fun things we had done over the past years so she could remember. We exchanged emails, and promised to write and see eachother whenever they came to town(they have family here). One day they may move back. There is hope for that. I just hope that during the miles and years that will separate them that they won't change to much or outgrow eachother.


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