Tuesday, February 1, 2011


He is our youngest child. Born just a little over six years after our last child. Our little love bug.

He is Our son.


He is sweet.

He is stubborn. Really stubborn. Like his mommy.

He is incredibly shy. Once he feels comfortable with you he becomes the exact opposite. Like his mom.

He is competitive. He is driven to win. Like his Daddy.

He is the cuddle bug. Like his dad.

He is ooooh so picky. Just like momma.

He loves music. Like we both do, however I do believe he sings better than the rest of us.

He is coordinated. Like his Daddy. Definitely like his dad.

He's become a sleeper like his mom. Lots of patients were required.

He is inquisitive. Eager to learn new things. He's like his mom.

He is mischievous. Just like Dad!

He is funny. That kid says the funniest things ever. More like his dad.

He is the sunlight in our day. The piece that completes our puzzle. A masterpiece of OUR love.


Jen said...

I love this Human.

Elizabeth said...

So true to the words.You just got to hug him all the time.xoxo