Friday, January 28, 2011


She is our second born. The middle child. The only girl.

She is his daughter.


She is loyal. She will always be there for her family and friends, and they will always come first. I know she will take this with her throughout her life, just like her Dad.

She is hardworking. It may not always come easy to her but the effort she puts in when she's focussed always pays off. like him.

She is an early riser. The crack of dawn early. On the weekends early. Out and walking the dog at 6:30 am early. With you guessed it, her Dad by her side.

She is ridiculously silly. Like her Dad. Two peas in a pod.

She is a sore loser. Yep, like her Daddy. Sports, games, video games, cards, you name it. They she must win. They she can't even fake loose for Q.

She is social. Always has been. Loves to be out doing things surrounded by people.

She can be negative sometimes. like him. It can take a lot of talking and coaxing to change thier her mind.

She loves easily. Forgives quickly. She gets that from him.

She is a follower. While I know she can take the lead when she wants to she would much rather follow the crowd. She wants to fit in, that's important to her.

She sings bad. like him, and I'm not so sure they know it;)

She had my heart the moment I laid eyes on her. Her beauty stuns me at times. She is the spice in the mix. Just like him.

Next time. He.

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Jen said...

I love her too.