Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Day of School 2011.

The first day of school went really smoothly. Frick and frack got their bus which is a first since there are generally problems the first couple of days.


can you tell that they leave super early?


Compared to him?


They like all of their teachers and classes, and have ALL started some really good homework habits. Mornings are going well due to having everything laid out the night before.

C is not in any of her friends classes, which made her a little sad especially since they are ALL in the same class together but of course she is already making some new friends and she sees her regular crowd at lunch. She will take all of her classes right through the year. Math, Science, Gym, Art, History, Geography, English, French, and Religion. She is on a six day cycle that roates the times of day and classes she takes each day. Some classes she has every day.

D is not in many classes with some of his old friends. Is it bad that I am happy??? He has the academic course load which weeded out some of the less driven students. Because he is in high school now he is semestered so he has Art, Gym, Geography, and Math this term which means English, French, Science, and Religion next term. yikes.

Q is enjoying grade one, he has some of his freinds in his class and some new ones. He has a fantastic teacher and from her rep probably the one of the best in the school! Yay. We haven't had the best of luck with grade one and two teachers so I am thrilled. He has begun his reading program with a book log for every night. They are short so it is pretty easy for now and he is doing well so far.

Here's hoping things continue to go well in the days, weeks, and months ahead. On a side note I'm really happy that fall is coming. love. I'm just kinda ready for winter too. I know. weird. Maybe I can get back to the scrappin' I love and miss so much. :)

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They look so cute!