Tuesday, January 25, 2011


While I think about who my children are most like on a daily basis I never really thought to blog about it until I saw it on Stephanie Howell's blog. I loved her post so much that I wanted to do some layouts with the journaling from these posts. While I love that all of my kidlets are their own person and very different from eachother there are just some things that scream me or hubs. I think they will be interesting posts and pages to look back on over the years and see if my thoughts change.

He is our firstborn.

He is my son.


He is softhearted, probably the most of all. Really truly kind. Most likely to help the elderly, or hold the door.

He is sensitive, to HIS feelings and others.

He is the most sentimental. Little touches never escape him, and he always catches the meaning. Just like his mom.

He is not a pushover. While it's one thing to be kind and sensitive it is a whole other ballgame to let people walk all over you.

He is a leader. I love that he doesn't follow the croud.

He likes his space. Needs his space, somewhere he can relax and unwind.

He is moody, yep just like his mama. NOT a morning person, just like his mama. It's a good thing for now it is just him and I every morning before he leaves for school, at the crack of dawn because miss susie sunshine would push all his buttons. He needs the quiet and the routine.

He is serious. A thinker. Miles a minute. like his mama.

He laughes wholeheartedly. It might take more than a bad joke but when he starts it's hard to stop.

He is artsy. Creative. I'm pretty sure that comes from my genepool.

He is clumsy. Oh boy, that's MY boy.

He is a reader. Mini me.

He is smart. Once he gets it it's there for good. He is not a studier.

He can be downright goofy at times. just like his mom.

He is a night owl. Probably still up while I write this. He would much rather stay up late and sleep in like you guessed it. me.

He is my little "old soul" wise beyond his years. Hungry for knowledge. My firstborn. My heart.

Next time. She.