Thursday, January 29, 2009

Night Owl?

While I certainly am a "night owl", this is just ridiculous! It's 3:37 am and I am sitting in front of the computer because I can't sleep. Not because I'm not tired, or I had a wonderful long sleep already, but because there is a giant plow outside my bedroom window that feels it's completely necessary to go back and forth down my tiny little street about forty times! We live in a private area where the city does not plow and there is a plow company that comes in to do it. My street has ten homes on it and is not very long! Forty times, really? It's still out there making a racket and I'm wondering who else can't sleep. I wonder how many complaints will be made in the morning! Really 20 cm of snow isn't that much! It can wait at least until 6:30am, believe me it will still be out there! I'm really starting to get sick of winter...

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