Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Layout, Old Photo.

I am defiantly not a chronological order type of scrapbooker, I'm more of a random scrap what fits my mood kinda girl. So tonight I did just that. I scrapped something different. Childhood pictures. Not my kids either. Me. I don't recall many things from childhood, and often mix memories up a little. Just ask my sister, she's the queen of remembering details. Even the tiniest tinyest ones. She remembers everything. lol. Well this I do remember mostly because a lot of the time I was alone. The journalling reads...

For a memory to stand out for me, especially a childhood memory it usually has to be really really good, or really bad. I don't often recall the details or how I felt but for whatever reason I remember the mornings I spent on the balcony of our farm house. It came off the second floor of the house with views of our garden and huge weeping willow tree in the front, and big orange barns on one side with wandering land on the other. Maybe I remember because I frequented it every morning, whether to eat my breakfast, play, look at the birds and other animals, or simply to wait out the time until Jen and Kurt got back from school. They may not have been extremely fascinating but they are mine and they have helped shape me into the morning ritual seeking person I am today.