Saturday, February 28, 2009

Shout Out (Really Loud)

We all have blogs that we love. That we follow daily. Some of them make us smile, or laugh out loud, some of them make us cry or wow us with their unbelievable artwork. Many of the authors we don't even know in person but they affect us. They change our daily routine's by adding a morning laugh on sometimes the worst of mornings, or end our crappy days at work with a smile on our faces. They don't interfere in our lives, but add to them in a positive way. We connect with these people because we can relate to them, or learn from them. What they are talking about is current and relevant to us and they make us feel like we are not the "only ones" out there going through that. They create with heart, pour their hearts out in the darkest of hours, and spin a story with such beauty and talent it makes us crave more. And we come back for more. Often. Today I want to give a shout out to one of my favorites. I've been following this blog for awhile and have probably read every post because she writes so beautifully and creatively. She makes me laugh so hard that sometimes Mike walks in wondering what is so funny. She makes me cry because she has a way with words that most only dream about. She makes me smile, she makes me think, and she makes me come back EVERYDAY! Go visit her at She will remain on my sidebar for future links.

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