Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's in the classroom.

So every year we do it. We go out and search for the perfect Valentine's day cards for the kids classmates. They have to have two different kinds, some for boy's and some for girls of course. You know you can't give Hannah Montana ones to boys right? Well this year we just simply ran out of time, or I forgot. haha. Well Drake is to old and way to cool for them now, and we decided that we would make homemade ones for Cassidy's classmates. I don't know why I've never done this before. She was a big help, cutting all the hearts out, inking all the edges, signing them all! This is what 24 3x3 valentine's look like! Really simple because they are for kids who will probably throw them away in a week, or their parents will ;)
The ones for the girls said best friends, and the ones for the boys said celebrate because they are still gross!


Jamie Harder said...

These are nice that you and your daughter could work on them together!!

Jen said...

you are such a good mom to do that!