Friday, May 1, 2009

Calgary Regional Picture with Jeanette.

Here it is. Some of the Ottawa gang with Founder and CEO of Close to my Heart Jeanette Lynton. Yes we idolize her, she is an amazing woman to accomplish what she has over the years. We are all thankful for all she does and continues to do for us. I wish I had some other photos with the rest of her team but I don't. :( I also wish that I had a larger group photo with some of the other consultants, but I don't... There is always next time!
Pictured l-r b-f Wendy D, Joy M, Connie M, Samantha D, Jeanette, Annick V, Natalie R, and Julie C. I wish all of the girls could have come with us! You know who you are!!!

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Megan said...

Hi Samantha,
Thanks for your message on Brady's blog! I would be more than honored to have you mention him here:) I'm sorry the voting didn't work, another friend of mine said that too. The only thing I can think of is to try clicking on the icon on my page, or cutting and pasting the link from my post (whatever you didn't try).

You are such a sweetie to support Brady's cause:)
All the best,
Brady's mom