Friday, May 29, 2009

Look at Our New Friends!

Just as we're getting ready to move we seem to have made an impression on these fine feathered friends.




Aren't they cute? They come right up to our door and tonight I let Cassidy give them some bread. I assume that it is fine seeing as how so many people feed the ducks bread at the park. They probably have a nest fairly close by and it would have been nice to see little chicks in the coming weeks but oh well I guess we can't take them with us. I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend. Here's hoping the rains finally stops tonight and we don't have move in torrential down pours.


Jamie Harder said...


Jen said...

cute....all the best today. Sorry I can't help being what like 49 weeks pregnant and all. Good vibes on the rain.

brn2scrp said...

Aw those ducks are adorable (and not quite as shy as you would think ducks would be!!!). Good luck with your move. The rain is supposed to clear out for the afternoon - fingers crossed for you!