Friday, May 1, 2009

An Inspirational Story of a Little Boy Fighting Neuroblastoma.

I wish I had the power to take all the pain and hurt away.
But I can't. I can only pray.
I wish I could spread the word to help a family in need.
And I can by telling everyone I know, and posting on my blog to those who don't.
I wish that I could understand why these things happen to good people,
to innocent babies.
But I don't and probably never will, I can only trust that somehow things will work out right. That God will make them right.
I wish mine was the only vote that mattered.
But it's not and that's where you all come in.

I have been following this blog since the very beginning. I don't know them personally I just found a link somewhere and went to visit. This amazing family has 4 children a baby girl and triplets who just turned two! First of all they deserve an award just for that! Little Brady was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma after undergoing some tests to see if he had Cerebral Palsy. You can get the whole story from their blog. So Mom Logic community (moms blogger club) is having a contest for the Mother of all bloggers. Megan made it through the screening process and is one of the 10 finalist. Their story has touched my heart. They freely blog about what sweet little Brady is going through. He is such a trooper and a fighter! I often cry and smile and laugh or shriek with excitement, like the other day when they posted a video of him walking! He has never done so because of the tumor on his spine! Incredible. So I'm pleading to please go visit them and click on the voting icon. Help support little Brady and his wonderful family, Give some parents with so much heartache something to smile about, I'm sure most days are incredibly hard for them. Their faith remains unwavering through it all. Truly an inspiration!

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Marie said...

Thanks for sharing this. I'm off to check out the blog and offer a vote...